Inspiration: Bold, bold, and bold!

I have never been a bold person, not in colors and neither in caracter…I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of person, the one who operates in silence (then, bammm, i’m in your face!), usually in black, or nude, or white! But i’m married to a guy who is the complete opposite! He is the life of the party, the one who talks to strangers in planes, in waiting rooms, the one who loves colors…What are we doing together you might ask, well, we complete each other i guess, and his love of colors is rubbing on me, hence, the orange bag, the red lampshade, the multicolored scarf…(not the attitude though…).

So i’m learning to enjoy bold colors, and use them , in small touches, around me.








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One response to “Inspiration: Bold, bold, and bold!

  1. Mette

    Love the idea with the glasses, candles and flowers:) very pretty:)
    I love that we are all different.
    Diversity rules!…lol

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