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When i was a kid, my parents used to takes us every summer to a different country. My parents, being culture lovers and museum junkies, our vacations were spent touring old ruins, decrepit castles, museums of course, Romeo and Juliet’s houses…all the while listening to my mother reading and explaining history books!

I can’t say that this kind of vacation wasn’t an education, or that it didn’t teach us to appreciate beauty and history, because it did, it broadened our horizons and our general knowledge. And for that i will be forever grateful to them…At 16 i wasn’t interested in museums anymore, i wanted to go out, meet boys, go to beach parties!! (never got to the beach party bit,but had fun never the less!).

Now, when i think of vacations, i imagine never-ending turquoise waters, time spent doing nothing, reading in the sun, good food, sitting in cafes sipping coffee ….La dolce vita!

What is your ideal vacation? How do you like to spend your time when you are as far away as possible from your everyday life?

This would be an ideal spot for me!



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