My dad…

Today is my dad’s birthday (by the way this picture was taken 4 years ago, so i don’t look like this anymore hehehe), and i want to take this opportunity to tell you about him…

It’s a well-known fact that girls have a special relationship with their dads (i can imagine my mom rolling her eyes!), but it’s true, for them we will always be the little girl who needs their protection from the big bad wolf, aka the world! Whereas moms want us to be independent and fight our battles ourselves, stand out in the world, and be in control of our lives, don’t depend on any man for your happiness!

I haven’t made life easy for my dad, i didn’t take the normal route of marriage, kids and living happily ever after. My divorce, my incident, the trauma, the threats on my life, my running away, my remarrying, problems and drama (i could write a book about my life…), the unforgiving macho society we live in, the gossip and the hypocrisy of ex friends…all this should have taken a toll on our relationship. But no. He was there , always, even though disappointed at one point, he never stopped being supportive and protective. He never made me feel less than the daughter he always loved. He was, and always will be my rock, my safe haven , my advisor, my first love.

There is nothing i could do to give him back an iota of what he gave me, the only thing that would satisfy him is seeing me happy, and that’s what all parents want at the end. I know from myself, whatever happens, my children’s happiness is the most important thing.

I’m working on it dad, it’s not easy, but i’m trying my best, and having you around is surely a big help.

May you live a long and blessed life…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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  1. may God protect you both! i like the picture! …happy birthday ammo medo!!!

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