Graduation day!

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday,  it was my daughter’s graduation day, and we were all at her disposition!! What a lovely day it was, 90 kids that you know since they are 3 years old, suddenly all grown ups in evening dresses, heels and suits..Fifteen years sitting day in day out in the same classroom, friendships formed and broken, laughter and tears, all coming to an end, or to new beginning, where each student goes his own way and follows his future and his dreams..A lovely day filled with sadness for the end of childhood, and filled with happiness to see them graduating…May god be with you , and may the road to your future be filled  with happiness and excitement…

My four loves, and the graduate in yellow!



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3 responses to “Graduation day!

  1. Allah yehmikon! Beautiful and the yellow dress is perfect! Kisses to all…

  2. Beautiful family. Congratulations to you all.

  3. Thank you Satia and Leila :)….xo

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