I’m loving all bar carts these days, but this one in particular just keeps me coming back …My parents had something similar they used when they had people over, it would be full with drinks, glasses, cakes..Bar carts always make me think of socializing, people coming over, the clink of glasses, laughter..happy times! These carts disappeared for a while, but now they are back in full force; in copper, iron, wood, stainless, lucite, bamboo…there are different shape and sizes for different tastes and styles. If you are like me and still can’t find one, use whatever surface you have as a bar:

Do you own a bar cart? If you do, which style do you have? Would love to get pictures!



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  1. This is the one I’ve promised myself when I have a full time paying job. In the meantime, I continue lusting after it because it’s just large enough for enough bottles of wine, a few glasses, etc. And it opens so you can set it up as a bar during a party.

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