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Where to put the TV?

Happy friday everyone! Last week-end of July, pfff, can you imagine how quickly the months are passing by?! Another month, and then it’s back to school for the kids, back to normal organized life for almost everyone!

A couple of our friends and their cute little daughter are visiting from Montreal this week, yep, all the way from across the ocean! So my posts will be rather sporadic the coming days, but i will be sure to update you on the apartment, and hopefully by then i will get an idea of where to place the tv!! Rather lost on this part, place it on a bookshelf, on a credenza, on a low bookshelf? Ah, the options are limitless, what about the bookshelf color, dark grey, white, painted only on the inside….See, very lost! If you have any ideas, they would be more than welcome, please, and i would rather the tv not be the focal point of the room…

I even thought of hanging the tv on the wall but with a painted background like above…What do you think?

Till i find an answer, have a great week-end!! xo..



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Link love..

Amazing art 

Tree stumps 

65 square meters 

Garden planters 

Hermes scarves 

Have a lovely day, xo..


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Wednesday mix

I have an on going love/hate relationship with the color pink. I go for months not even looking at this color , and then one day, bam, i get all girly and fall all over in love with it….Today is one of these days, enjoy pink lovers!


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Inspiration: canopy beds

Canopy beds make me think of little princesses, of rooms in a small château (or big!), of fairy tales…But i have seen them more and more now, in apartments, houses, for little girls and boys, in guest rooms, they are everywhere! I think they are beautiful and dreamy like (my mother would say they gather too much dust!)…








So what is your verdict? Like, love or it’s a no no ?


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Style monday

Hello lovelies, i haven’t done the “style monday” post for a while now and i miss it! I hope your week-end was as you expected it to be..I’m still knee-deep in choosing paint color, fabrics, lighting, etc for the new place, and i can’t tell you how exciting that is!!

It’s sizzling hot in this part of the world, so here are some inspirations that can take you from morning to evening keeping you cool and fresh! Have a lovely week, xo..





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Sunday quote

via vintagerosegarden

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Summer delights




From fresh fruits to yummy deserts, cream filled macaroons with strawberries (isn’t that something!), to lemon sorbet dipped in prosecco….Aren’t these delights just screaming your name?!

I’m going to try that last one this week-end, a nice ending to a summer meal don’t you think?

Wishing you all a lovely and relaxing week-end! xo..


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