Week in review..

As you have noticed, i haven’t been posting regularly for the last 10 days. I have been up to my neck in fixing up the new place, squeezing in some exhibitions, days at the beach and family time! Today is the first day i sit in front of my laptop, catching up on all your lovely blogs..But still, my mind is so taken with the renovations that every time i stumble upon an inspiring idea, i automatically conjure an image of it in our new apartment! I’m dreaming, eating, breathing decor these days!! Does this happen to you too?! All my conversations turn around decorating this room, that room, the bathroom , etc…I think my husband is going to regret unleashing this demon !!

Yep, that’s him alright!!

As i was saying, i had a full week-end. Saturday we discovered an amazing little boutique hotel in the mountains, an old stone villa with a gorgeous garden ( where we had an even more gorgeous italian meal ), and had a lovely time with my cousins and uncle..

The hotel from the outside, a typical Lebanese mountain house


A view of the garden

The floor of the lobby was a mosaic of beautiful old tiles you can only find in old houses, which inspired us to look for similar ones for our bathroom..(and a few days later we did!! pictures later..)

Beautiful isn’t it?

In the late afternoon we went to an antic car show, but as usual my camera died on me, so i only have one picture of an old beetle made out of wrought iron.

And on sunday, we lazied out on the beach….

So that was my week-end folks, the rest of the week was a marathon of going back and forth to the city, sometimes twice in the same day, spending some quality time with my eldest daughter, and spending a day with my 3 other kids…I guess i forgot for a while what it means to sit and do nothing!



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