Why don’t you?

Why don’t you cover your folding closet doors with wallpaper?, It looks so much more stylish and custom-made. I love the idea…I have never had wallpaper anywhere in my houses, what about you, have you tried it before, what do you think, better than paint?



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  1. Mette

    Im used to wallpapers, I find it hard to get used to NOT having wallpaper. I specially love the texture and the choice of patterns and multiple colours. Wallpaper on closetdoors is a really great idea, the best thing is to cover the wallpaper with transparent colour or spray, so it wont get dirty or fade. you can also use maps, fabric, ect. my brother still has his closet from his room when he was a kid, but gave it a facelift years ago with wallpaper 🙂 it looks fab!
    Hope all is well with your move Rym:) and btw I get very attached to my things aswell…and can’t easily part with them. I feel I have a personal relationship with all my stuff….lol… We have a history together 😉 I dont talk to them though, LOL!!!

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