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Last night I was talking to a friend about  my lack of attachment to things and how it changed my life..

You see, after my divorce, I was obliged to leave the house with nothing, not even a spoon..The feeling of loss was terrible, not only had I lost my home, I lost my things, I didn’t realize how much I grew attached to material things until then; books, furniture, pillows, cutlery,  you name it, I was sad over things that I had collected for the last 18 years…I convinced myself that I had to be pretty darn superficial to cry over paintings and sheets, so i moved on, to a rental, where I got the basic stuff to live with my kids. By basic I mean the sheets , cutlery, paper lamps etc, everything was lovely, but new, with no attachment or memories to me.

Yesterday a friend of mine was telling me that everything around us has energy, that energy flows between us and our wooden table, our books, our stuff. We are surrounded daily by this energy , that is why we grow attached to things. It seems my crying over lost lamps and such was coming from a deeper connection than I knew existed, not superficial at all!!!

Did you know about that? Do you believe in this flowing energy between us and our surroundings?

Ps: as a result to this loss I learned not to get attached to things anymore, I moved 4 times in the last 4 years, and  didn’t have any problem with leaving stuff behind. Is it because I didn’t have enough time to get attached or because I kind of stopped the flow of energy unconsciously?

What do you think?



Things we collect and grow attached to…



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  1. Hmmm.good question. I like my surroundings and always work on making them more cosy, lovely or comfortable. But, i am not attached to them as i get attached to people and places, they mean more to me. There is of course a connection and a flow of energy in our surroundings, but aren’t they more linked to our person? And not necessarily to our belongings?

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