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Paint job

What a little paint and lots of imagination can do..



Isn’t it amazing how these rooms look? Imagine them plain with no decorative paint…blah right? These paint jobs add punch and personality to the rooms, i specially love the bedroom! Which is your favorite? Do you have decorative paint in your home? Are you bored with it yet?




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Art and a birthday!

I had a birthday this week! Yes yours truly turned 40+1 lol!! So another countdown begins I guess..Spent the day before with my kids, blew 40 candles because my mom said a woman stops counting at 40 (she didn’t have 41 candles that’s why!)

And then the next day was invited for breakfast, lunch and dinner! What does anyone want more than true friends, and plenty of love? Throw in a fantastic facial, and it is complete bliss!

My darling husband got me this beautiful silver necklace, it is a verse from an arabic poem honoring women..Sweet huh?

I was visiting an artist friend of mine in his atelier the other day, and couldn’t resist taking some pictures

The artist in front of my favorite painting

A work in progress..

The thing about birthdays when you grow older is that you wish for one thing only, good health, at least for me..Good health for everyone around me, because it is more important than any material wish..On that note i leave you with wishes of health and happiness!! xo..

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Baskets: the multi-use container

Baskets have always been the easiest and cheapest way to store our things, specially when the space is small! From plants to toys, laundry, food,books, logs, shoes, clutches…Everything and anything.

Since i can remember my parents had a big white laundry basket in the bathroom, and believe it or not it is still there after some 30+  years! Gotta be some kind of basket!!







Do you store your stuff in baskets, or you have other ways for storage? Would love to share your ideas!



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What if…

What if our street lights were this way? How would our roads look like? Like an everlasting huge party? Would we get bored with it, would it change our outlook towards everyday life? Personally i love it! What do you think?



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Colorful tuesday

Hello everyone, how is your week going? On this side of the planet we haven’t felt autumn yet, it’s 27 degrees today and it seems it’s going to stay this way for a while! Funny how at the end of each season we just want it over and we look forward to the coming one! Do you feel this way too?

Haven’t been able to post regularly because of some internet problems, settling in is taking a while, and there is a new project on the horizon! Keep on visiting my dear friends, for some changes are coming this way!

I am going to leave you with some colorful interiors to brighten up your day, enjoy the rest of the week, xo






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What kind of sink are you?

For the ones who have been following me for a while, you know my taste in decorating has evolved with time..But i still  like many styles , i like to mix them all together and see the result! These pictures are of 3 completely different style of sinks and bathrooms, but i still like them all! I would like to have all of them, but maybe in different houses?! (keep on dreaming!)..

The boho glam sink

The classic sink

And the rustic/industrial sink

So…Which one are you? WHich one would you put in your home? Does choosing a kind of sink tell us something about ourselves?



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NY city

New York city from above , amazing shots via Honestly WTF . Take a look and enjoy!

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