What kind of sink are you?

For the ones who have been following me for a while, you know my taste in decorating has evolved with time..But i still  like many styles , i like to mix them all together and see the result! These pictures are of 3 completely different style of sinks and bathrooms, but i still like them all! I would like to have all of them, but maybe in different houses?! (keep on dreaming!)..

The boho glam sink

The classic sink

And the rustic/industrial sink

So…Which one are you? WHich one would you put in your home? Does choosing a kind of sink tell us something about ourselves?




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3 responses to “What kind of sink are you?

  1. LGJ

    I really liked the second one… it is more then classic.. very stylish…beautiful…I would choose other lamps beside the mirror….

  2. No 1 is my favourite, i like all of it, the turoise wall, the fushia details.. I would lve to enter that bathroom evry day! Which is your fav.?

  3. I am afraid I am drawn to the industrial one….

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