Art and a birthday!

I had a birthday this week! Yes yours truly turned 40+1 lol!! So another countdown begins I guess..Spent the day before with my kids, blew 40 candles because my mom said a woman stops counting at 40 (she didn’t have 41 candles that’s why!)

And then the next day was invited for breakfast, lunch and dinner! What does anyone want more than true friends, and plenty of love? Throw in a fantastic facial, and it is complete bliss!

My darling husband got me this beautiful silver necklace, it is a verse from an arabic poem honoring women..Sweet huh?

I was visiting an artist friend of mine in his atelier the other day, and couldn’t resist taking some pictures

The artist in front of my favorite painting

A work in progress..

The thing about birthdays when you grow older is that you wish for one thing only, good health, at least for me..Good health for everyone around me, because it is more important than any material wish..On that note i leave you with wishes of health and happiness!! xo..


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