New project

Life has been pretty busy here at Kalynor these last few weeks, here are a few pictures to show you what I have been doing..


Yes xmas baskets!! My cousin and I started a gift basket business, and since the holidays are so near, we decided to start with the xmas ones. We are very excited about it, doing something we truly like is very important; you are always motivated, inspired, ready to do something new!

The idea behind this was to receive a basket full of little gifts you would enjoy and use, not only edibles. The same will apply to every occasion from mother’s day to new baby, retirement, new job, etc…

You can see more on our Facebook page here, and a blog is in the works…

I have been a little negligent with my blog lately, moving to a new town, settling in a new apartment (still so much to do!), starting a new business…All these changes have kept me busy and have taken me away from blogging regularly and checking all the lovely blogs out there!

Bear with me till i get back on track and more organized :)..

Have a great rest of the week, xoxo


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