One year…and thank you..

To all the bloggers out there, i want to thank you all for the inspiration, the commitment, the support, the fun i learned from all of you! My journey as a blogger began a year ago, and it started in the midst of a lot of heartache and sadness. I needed a way to escape, a way to let out my frustration, my anger…As i mentioned before , it was therapy for me. Writing bits and pieces of my life into cyberspace gave its rewards, it felt good writing into a virtual place not knowing who might actually read you, and then one day, a comment can erase all your pain, just like that! (never thought would be waiting eagerly for a comment!!)

My escape was blogging about things i liked, im not a decorator nor an aspiring designer and neither a specialist in this field! I just love everything that has to do with home decor, and of course beautiful things (who doesn’t right?!), that’s how i began following these specific bloggers, for inspiration and of course to learn, everyday you discover something new! I discovered these amazing women 2 years ago, when i was bedridden for 5 months with a broken femur, and nothing to do but browse the net!

Along the way i discovered that these bloggers are all amazing women, career makers, mothers, students, all over the world, sharing their knowledge, their opinion, their love for decorating and design. Together they build relationships with each other, support and encourage each other. They are always there at the tip of your keyboard! What a great community i got to discover, thank you again, even if you don’t know me, or know i exist, thank you for saving me in my darkest hours…

Virtual flowers from me to all of you out there in blog world!





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3 responses to “One year…and thank you..

  1. what a lovely post… Thank GOD for blogging and blog world… New age technology has its benefits and i am sure we are going to use more of it in our lives… Keep blogging CARA and we will keep reading you and getting inspired…

  2. I’m so glad you feel that way and blogging has brought you joy. It is certainly a wonderful community. Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my new shop, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend..Rachaelxx

  3. Big congrats on your blog anniversary! Blogging is such a great community and I think that Bloggers have the biggest hearts!! xo

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