For all the girls,women out there…

I just discovered this great blog , and a project the blogger and 2 of her friends came up with: the i am project . A project that empowers and inspires women with stories and images (that you can find on etsy!), where each women can celebrate her uniqueness and revel in it , which i guess each one of us took time to achieve, but where we can still help others , and our own daughters to accept themselves and love themselves as they are. It’s a beautiful and touching project, check it out and see more images here . So happy i stumbled upon this blog, ladies you are amazing!

These are some of the images from their project.

Have a great weekend, and thumbs up to all women,xo



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3 responses to “For all the girls,women out there…

  1. Very cool. This is indeed a touching and special project! xo

  2. thank you so much for the kind mention! ox

  3. Tobe, it’s our duty as women to spread the word, i truly love what you are doing :)), xo

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