New beginnings..

Hello dears, welcome to 2012! May it be a better year than the last one…It isn’t beginning well for me though; my kids were supposed to spend some time with me this week, but the powers that be (or rather my ex) squashed this idea! (the result of a divorce in an uncivilised country where men rule..).

But i won’t let it bring me down anymore, i decided that life is as happy as we make it, and sooner or later everything will fall into place. What we feel inside reflects on everything and everyone around us, and since i have had enough of bad energy flowing my way, i decided that being strong and motivated was the answer to my sanity! Voila, that’s my resolution.

So let’s move on to something we all enjoy, some eye candy that caught my eye this week..

Love this lighting..

for the illustration lovers..



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  1. Oooh I love that last picture! I just pinned it. Sorry about the troubles, good luck! And good for you for keeping a good perspective.

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