At the moment..

This is what i’m thinking about at the moment;

-Make: what an original mirror to do for the kitchen! We could use our own old cutlery and make a sunburst mirror out of them!

-Quirky: this painting is so full of humour, notice the eyeglasses and hot pink bra! Such a contrast to the era of the rest of it. Adore it!!

-Peace: i love tea, tea cups, tea pots, the whole thing. I always feel a kind of peace when i have a cup of tea..

-Memories: i made my daughter take ballet classes for 2 years when she was 7, and she hated every single minute of it!! But she looked so cute in her tutu! I don’t think she will ever forgive me for that ha!

-Love: i love this room for many reasons, the colors, the mirrored bedside tables, the curtains, the stool, the peace cushion, the photo above the bed, the chandelier…I think it would be a great room for a teenager, don’t you think?



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One response to “At the moment..

  1. A quirky piece of art certainly does add some interest to an otherwise boring space. I find a cup of tea so relaxing too!

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