Being strong.

When you say about someone, he or she is strong, what do you mean? Does it mean they can overcome any obstacle, does it mean they are strong in the face of fear, rejection, hypocrisy, trauma, deep sadness?…

I have been told twice this week that i am a strong person. I was actually surprised because i always thought of myself as weak. I have always been surrounded by people who took care of me and helped ; first my parents, then my ex, who was 9 years older than my 18 years at the time, so he was sort of like a parent to me!

Funny how it took trauma, desperation and the utter sense of being lost to find myself at the end being portrayed as strong. I would have done fine without all this thank you!

I realize now that we are the persons who help ourselves, no one can do it for us , we don’t need the help of anyone actually;   it takes time yes, a lot of frustration, guilt, break downs along the way, but we have the choice to get up and find a small window to breathe in new air, or to just give up and let life continue without us.

This quote i posted is true to the core of our being, life is about choices, we choose to arise from the deep end of our hole, and we arise stronger and wiser…To all the people who feel like life has nothing to offer them anymore, i tell you, you are wrong, wake up and learn to live again, (i still cry a lot, don’t think i am a super human being!), but i know now that i can overcome anything and offer to the people i love a better me…

Sorry about the seriousness of this post so early in the morning, but i had to get it off my chest!

Love and peace to all, xo



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  1. I love this post. This is so honest and real. It cannot be better. Keep walking cara, one step at a time. All is well…:)

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