Question of the week

Life is full of surprises i tell you!

Today i went out for dinner with a friend, and we were discussing old age and the tragedy of becoming old while you are still young at heart. Out of the blue comes in an old lady (in her 80’s i guess), with her pink umbrella and pink head scarf, sits at the table next to us and orders a beer..She starts chatting with us, and later i ask her bluntly if getting older was a tragedy. Her answer:” my dear, the only tragedy is that i can’t see the numbers on my cell phone, other than that i’m as young as you!

There, you have it, plain and simple!

So my question for you dear ladies, (and men), is, are you scared of becoming older, and why? If not, what is the secret to everlasting “soul youth” in your opinion?

By the way, the old lady’s name was Martienne, which in french means a citizen of the planet Mars!!

I don’t know who this is (i found the picture on pinterest), but if i look anything like her when i’m older, i will be more than happy!!!




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2 responses to “Question of the week

  1. Great Hair and great clothes! that is what we should stick to at all age!
    joke aside.. my 85 year old neighbour said also to me that inside she still felt like she was 25, not a day less.. so i guess the outside gets wrinkled but the inside stays soft, pretty, joyful and alive! Laugh all your life and you will stay young, even in the eyes of the others!!!

  2. The little old lady in the restaurant sounds like a hoot! I love her spirit! I guess I would say I’m most afraid of becoming dependent on my kids as I grow old. I certainly don’t ever want to become a burden to them. It will bother me not to be able to do everything myself. Of course wrinkles scare me too, (working on the vanity stuff). I agree, that woman in the last photo is still unbelievably beautiful! Thanks for your insightful comment over at my blog today, I really appreciated it! xo

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