At the moment

Yesterday was a day of protest against SOPA , blackout from Wikipedia to WordPress, other sites, and bloggers alike.  I hope the people with  the power realize how a world without free knowledge and internet can become. I can’t do much from where I am ( a third world country with no congressmen to speak of!) , but I can reach out to you , the American people where the bill is being passed, because it would affect us all around the world…

Let’s move on to the things i’m thinking about at the moment!


-Idea: i found this picture on pinterest (where else!), and i think it’s a great idea for candle lovers. I always have candles on in my house, scented or otherwise, it gives a soft glow and a cozy atmosphere…

-Want: love this painting, the colors. Want it for my bedroom!

-Brass: notice how the brass accents look against this backsplash, gorgeous isn’t it? Wouldn’t mind the stove either!

-Age: aaaah yes, age…well my dears, seems i can’t read anymore without glasses…So now i can’t see far without glasses and i can’t read either without glasses! How do people manage ?? I tried having bifocals, and it’s not funny people, you feel like you’re going to fall!! It’s like living in a haze, can’t see anything clearly lol!

-Soon: i might be leaving soon on a little trip yayyy! A place that i miss dearly, snowy and beautiful Montreal, my second home..




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  1. A little trip sounds like heaven right about now! Here’s to safe travels. xo

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