Question of the week

How many times did we hear this while growing up! Use your brain, not your heart…We do learn at the end, actually life teaches us time and time again to use our brain  because following our heart always puts us in a messy situation. But what if we never follow our heart? What if we become oblivious to this little voice that wants to guide us towards what we really want? Is it right to always follow reason over feelings?

I have followed reason many times in my life, and my heart too for this matter, there are things i regret and others that were actually the right choice at that moment. Knowledge and wisdom might help in your decision-making, while following your heart. Both working hand in hand is the best solution i think, and this applies to everything in your life, personal, career wise, even choosing a wall color!

Do you follow your heart or your brain? Which actually worked better for you?



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