Country of contradictions

As always in this country, movies get banned, concerts get cancelled and many more alike absurdities happen in the name of “government security”..

This is the movie that was supposed to open on january 19 here in Lebanon, but was banned.

On the other hand, half (if not more) of the Lebanese population saw it yesterday aired on a french channel (everyone has cable!), me included…So what was the point of banning it in the first place?!

And that my dears, is one of the many contradictions we face living here…

I hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are, xo..





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4 responses to “Country of contradictions

  1. Those pink and purple votives are so pretty. Love a lot of them grouped together as opposed to just one candle. Going to replicate this STAT! xo

  2. Marie

    Did you like the movie? I was hugely disappointed

    • Maybe being banned gave the movie a hype, thus making us all eagerly watch it. To tell you the honest truth, it didn’t make me cry nor smile. Was surprised though by the “sex” scenes! I would like to see a Lebanese movie that doesn’t talk about war, or anything related to the politics of the country, something like”the girl with the dragon tattoo” maybe? We can always hope!

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