Hair color…

Very rare are the women who haven’t changed their hair color, gotten highlights,lowlights or any kind of light!

The ratio of women changing their hair color is much higher than men. They tend to change their look mainly by having a beard, a moustache , long or short hair..

Well we can’t grow a beard so we change the color of our hair! I began at an early age wanting to be blonder, (my mom is blonde with green eyes while i came out a brunette with brown eyes, my father’s legacy), so i wanted to look more like my mom, more european (go figure, as if they don’t have brunettes in europe!).

My natural hair color if i remember correctly LOL!

Anyway, so throughout the years i went from blonde, to brown with highlights, to reddish, to blonde again, even tried having black hair!

All the colors i tried over the years!

Was i looking for something? Maybe i did. Maybe my frustration at not being able to change my life was the trigger for my physical change, aka hair color change!

I can’t tell you in what condition my hair ended up! Dry, brittle, falling (sometimes i used to change my color twice a month, yeah crazy!).

But with age (is that the reason i wonder?), i just accepted the fact that i was fine the way i was born, so after all these years i finally went back to being a brunette, my natural hair color, or a slightly similar one..

ps: the only color i haven’t tried!

too scared maybe..

Do you color your hair?And why? Are you a yo-yo like me or you settled on one color for a long period of time?




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5 responses to “Hair color…

  1. Marie

    I’m 25 and never got near to change something in my hair color.. I’m not sure if it is because I’m comfortable with the way I am or it is because I’m afraid of change. I think it’s the 2nd option.. I really envy daring people.

    • It’s not so daring, if you don’t like it, you could always change it back to the way it was, easier and quicker than a hair cut!

      • Marie

        but it won’t get back to its natural color, no? In fact I love my hair color (black) but some white hairs started to show 😦 guess sooner or later I’ll be doing sthg to that

  2. If you have a good hair colorist he will choose the closest color to your natural hair, so don’t worry 🙂

  3. I’m definitely a yo-yo-er! At least you can fit all of the colours that you’ve died your hair onto one page!! I just like change. I don’t mind the colour of my natural hair, and every now and then I actually get to see it! But I’m also very lucky in that my hair is really healthy and takes colour very well.

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