Compromise your feminine side?

Yes we all learned that life is all about compromise…

Some interiors are entirely too feminine to imagine a guy living in them, i definitely can’t see my husband having a bath in this bathroom above, he would look, well, ridiculous or, as if he was using a girl’s bathroom, and not mmm our bathroom!

Compromise, compromise..

When living with someone, you both sacrifice in decorating, he loves white flowers, she loves pink, he is into modern furniture, she prefers antics, he like black/white photography, she likes landscape! And the list goes on..

How to find common ground? The key, i think, is to remember that a home has to reflect both personalities, that’s how a mixture of periods, colors and art happen! The whole aesthetic becomes one that both parties are comfortable with.

Did you have this problem when you moved in together? Do you decorate your place in your own taste or compromise?




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2 responses to “Compromise your feminine side?

  1. Here is the one beauty about divorce…. decorating to your own specifications only! I’m thinking my next move is going to be a woman’s only haven!! xo

  2. I am lucky to have a husband that is pretty easy going when it comes to decorating our home. We have similar taste’s in furniture and decore so our style’s work good together for the most. Love your post, thanks for sharing! something to ponder….


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