Red fever..

I have never been a red person, but it seems like it’s slowly creeping up into my life!

My red cabinet, don’t ask me how i bought it, i just fell in love with it, this is what happens, you go around looking for a  specific item , and them bam, out of nowhere you get a crush on something you never thought you would put in your home! Did it ever happen to you?

Love this painting

Ah yes, red shoes…I have worn red flats but never heels, does it make you feel more feminine?

Gorgeous bedspread

The red dress. Only once did i ever wear a red dress, and i felt like all eyes were on me (felt is the key word here), if you don’t want to attract attention, don’t wear a red dress!!

Red smeg, wow!

Never tried this, or red lipstick for that matter! More of a “au naturel” look myself, but definitely an eye catcher!

Are you a red person? Do you wear it or just add splashes of it in your interior?





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3 responses to “Red fever..

  1. Red it is! Always has been. Love that colour, so much energy, so much warmth, so much femininity. Love red lips, red walls, red shoes. I think, red is a great colour to show your strength. Have fun with it!

  2. HEHE, don’t need to reply to that one, do I? I LOVE RED!!!! maybe spending time with me has made you more a RED lover? lovely pictures…

  3. LGJ

    ehehehehe Leila.. Rym is seeing me since many years with red shoes and red handbags….and always had somethings to say about it…. now she begin to like red like us…. good!!!!

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