Soft and romantic

How many times have you changed your bedroom? Most people redecorate their living rooms and children’s rooms the most to cater to their ever-changing needs..But sadly the bedroom always takes second or third place.

Here are a few beds that always make me stop and stare, even though i know they are not my husband’s top choice , too romantic for him!

I couldn’t help but add this picture, the bed is not my style at all, but i love the mix of colors and patterns, and that wall paper is awesome!! Just to show you that even if you inherit a bed that isn’t your choice, you can still play with the colors and fabrics and get a heart stopper like the one above!

Number 2 is my favorite of all time, which is yours?




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2 responses to “Soft and romantic

  1. All beatiful, but i would go for no. 1…aqua and light.. So soothing. The last picture is wonderful too, would work for guest room!

  2. These bedrooms are beyond lovely!!! xo

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