This and that..

Being away from home for 3 weeks made me want to reshuffle things in the house and play around creating vignettes here and there..Does this happen to you after a trip? You get all excited about being back, and you want to add a breath of freshness to your abode?

Yes i confess, been playing with my phone, again! Magazines i got at the airport and two snapshots showing some new displays chez moi!

Onto other things, teacher’s day is approaching in this part of the world, it’s in the first week of march (can you believe it, march is around the corner already!?), and we are preparing gorgeous gift baskets for all these amazing teachers out there..Here is a little peek, you can see the rest later this week here  on Carilou gift design’s page.

Bamboo boxes

And tea boxes filled with bling, pocket mirrors, candles, lip gloss….

More to come, will keep you posted, xo


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