Hello March!

Here we are , the first of march already! Where did the months go?? We celebrate mother’s day and the beginning of spring at the end of this month here in the middle east, but with the awful weather today, i can’t really imagine spring any time soon! This month i celebrate meaningful events, my eldest son’s birthday, can’t believe that 22 years have passed already! My wedding anniversary happens this month too, but sadly i think we will celebrate on Skype since he is away on business (thank god and technology for Skype!), my cousin’s and best friend’s birthday also is this month, and of course mother’s day! Yep, a lot of gifts to think about !

I haven’t posted anything related to weddings for a long time (excuse the laziness), but i found this lovely idea that might inspire some of you who are planning to wed this year..

I wish i had thought of that for my own wedding, it would be  fun and interesting to see what friends and family might give you as advice!!



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One response to “Hello March!

  1. what a great idea!!! good for other occasions too (birthdays, newborn, mother to be!!),
    and yes march is full of promises!!! kisses to you my dear cousin!

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