Monday inspiration

Hello dears, how was your weekend? We can already feel spring in the air around here, It makes everything better doesn’t it?

Here is a peek at my weekend!

Horsing around with my girls, that’s an app my daughter told me about, laphotocabine, fun! (how come they always know more stuff than us!!!)

These are some of the mother’s day baskets we are working on (as i told you before, mother’s day is at the end of the month here in the middle east).

Let’s move on to this week’s inpiration..

Gold Chinoiserie screen in the kitchen, would like to see the rest of this room!

Such a relaxing reading nook…

Love these black and white photos..

Yep, that’s what i would like to have in my backyard!

Eating this on a sunny afternoon,mmm,bliss!

Hope you all have a lovely week, xo….



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