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Monday inspiration

Hello dears, hope you had a good time this weekend! Tomorrow is already the first of May, wow! Summer is definitely at the door!

Loving this breakfast corner, Knoll chair and an antic table!

Brass in the bathroom..Mix it with black and it’s glam all the way!

Wanting this book badly…

This back detail is stunning don’t you think?

Gorgeous colors and pattern on this over dyed rug…

And some humour on this monday morning! Have a lovely rest of the week, xo…




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Sunday quote

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Exactly right for me!!! The temperature seems to be on the rise, and some relax time in the sun is what the doctor ordered! Have a lovely weekend dears! xo….


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Your day, your hair

You set the date, chose your dress, the bouquet, the venue, the cake….What about your hair? Up or down? Here are some beautiful choices for updos that you can try and retry till you find the right style…

I hope this helped all those brides to be out there, i know how stressed and under pressure all this can be for you! Next week we will have a look at other styles for wedding hair, until then…xo



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Botoxed for whom?

When i look at myself in the mirror, i see this person that isn’t me, i see a replica of the me i imagine myself to be! A replica that is somehow less taut, less fresh and less vibrant!

After 40, women realize that everything is changing (hello!!), the law of gravity begins to play its role, and our cells seem less likely to regenerate on their own!

I am not saying i want to look younger, just maybe more fresh…I know a lot of women who had botox done, several times, and they look good, relaxed, definitely less wrinkled, but on the whole, they looked good.

I talked about it with some men friends, and most of them were against it; saying that being natural is the most attractive trait for a woman.

My argument was, women don’t do it for men, they do it to feel better about themselves, for their own satisfaction and well-being. They are not fighting the aging process, just making it more agreeable!

They weren’t convinced.

What do you think? Do women try to look young and fresh for men or for themselves?




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Come in..

Today was one of these days when life catches up with you, (the little mondane things like doctors appointments and such!), and you really don’t have time to spare for yourself!

Leaving you with images of an amazing hotel in Paris, Hotel Lancaster

Well i definitely wouldn’t mind staying in such a place! You can see more photos here .

*all images, eclecchic


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Monday inspiration

Good morning everyone, hope you spent a nice weekend with a beautiful weather as we did in this part of the world!

My days were spent relaxing, did some shopping (yeah!), and started reading The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin..Everyone should read this book at least once!

My daughter’s latest work, named colors of Africa, sooo proud of her!

Onto what’s inspiring me this week..

The more i look at this room , the more i like it, black and white with touches of gold..A winner!

Imagine having this room as your home office! The bookshelves, lucite chair, antique desk, the rug…Love it!

Check out the brass on the range!

And who hasn’t joined the arm party yet? The more the better!

I will use him as my arm party anytime! Glorious George…ahhhh! (no need to get inspired here, lol!)

Have a lovely and inspiring week! xo…


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