Unrelated yellow

As i was browsing through my files, i noticed a similarity in many of the pictures, pops of yellow! I am not a big fan of this color, not in fashion nor in interiors, but it seems that unconsciously i am attracted to it after all!

I love this photo, and would gladly frame it and hang it on my wall…All those yellow umbrellas, the blue sea..VACATION!!!

Yep, love the yellow chair, it reminds me of my parents kitchen chairs in the 70’s (around an orange table!), very citrusy mom! But here, mixed with neutrals like wood and white, it totally works for me..

To be totally honest with you, it’s the shower stall that caught my eye, and the chair. The yellow drawer chest is just a plus! To go back to the stall, it is like a mini ancient tub with glass! Never seen anything like it, have you?




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5 responses to “Unrelated yellow

  1. My favorite part in the last picture was the wallpaper! Isn’t it gorgeous? Although I wonder if the water and steam would damage it…

  2. Z

    Wow, I never have seen a tub like that… But personally, I’m loving that chair next to it.. Such a vivid blue, too.. Love the blog ^_^

  3. Very nice top view perspective. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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