Ode to technology

For those who are new here, i am a mother of four and they don’t live with me (due to the unfair laws in this country)..They are aged 22,19,15 and 11. I won’t go into the details of how it’s affecting me or how it breaks my heart every single day…I am grateful for one thing though, technology!

First off on the list are mobile phones! Each one has a phone and i can reach them anywhere, know exactly what they are doing, pick their clothes(they send pictures!), with whom they are. We can even play games together even though we are miles apart. BBM and Whatsapp allow me to be in contact with them every second of the day, i know first hand about their grades, their moods (emoticons!), their needs…

And then of course there is the internet! I can see how they spend their time with their friends, the jokes and gossip that happens on Facebook. Twitter allows me to know what they are reading, what their interests are. Email, sending links to each other, sharing mutual hobbies or interests via blogs, tumblrs….And the best of all is Skype, where we even do homework together sometimes! I wonder sometimes what mothers did before the internet, when they were separated from their kids…So, yes, i am hugely grateful for technology, for making my life easier and less painful. A BIG THANK YOU! (can you please invent a device that could make me touch their face, pretty please!!)…







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3 responses to “Ode to technology

  1. Love the post!
    Technology has made you share stuff with your kids that our mothers never were able to share…in some perspective it has made you closer to them despite the distance. And i am pretty sure that you are closer to your kids than many mothers i know that LIve with their kids…!

  2. Mette

    Im also overwhelmingly grateful for technology 🙂 skype, the internet, cellphones, texting, facebook, games, iphone and all the apps:)
    I would seriously have had another encounter with Lebanon when I moved here if its hadnt been for all of the above:) To be honest Im not sure I would have made it through…
    Yes, lets be grateful for what we have and not mourn what we miss, enjoy the closeness, eventhough we know there is something closer. My kids sing to my parents, show them their drawings, and do homework with them on skype…rehearse for plays, show them their latest scoops from H&M, IKEA ect. and sends them wishlists from what they see in the onlinestores. Gotta love all that electricpowered metalcrap that gives us so much quality of life, in an un-artificial way, because I sure can feel the love through the screen, hear it in the speakers and see it on their faces…no question about it! Im really glad it makes you hurt less and gives you some sort of closeness, that you otherwise would have had to be entirely without…and maybe in a couple of years you can get to smell them too…lol!

    • You sure do understand me exactly Mette! It’s because you also are away from your family and it’s the only way of communication..Hoping for a smell and touch app soon!!

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