My weekend in pictures

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine started friday evening with some lovely bubbly…

A visit to a gallery

Great art, isn’t it?

Then a day spent by the sea side

Amazing weather!

Couldn’t resist a shot of La Duree window

And finally ended up Sunday discovering a jewel of a restaurant hidden in a little street…

Check out those old tiles!

Hope you all have a lovely week! xo…



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4 responses to “My weekend in pictures

  1. That’s a lovely restaurant! Can you tell us where it is?

    • In Hamra of all places!! It’s the street just behind the Mayfair Hotel, the restaurant is called Bagatelle…(can’t tell u exactly the street name because i don’t know it, we were just walking by and discovered it, it opened 3 weeks ago).

  2. Mette :)

    Just saw that place last week too, and its right next to our cafe. It used to be such a run down old villa and they fixed it up in such an amazing way! How was it? worth a visite?

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