Monday inspiration

As promised, my husband moved our shelving unit from one wall to another, so very proud of himself!

That’s a Scandinavian unit from the 70’s that we got about 3 years ago, below are 2 sets of drawers and a mini bar. Those Scandies are really geniuses in design!

Let’s have a look at what’s inspiring me this week

Joyful wallpaper! Still undecided about wallpapering one wall in our bedroom…

Floor lamp…wowzer!!

Notice the chandelier and the little gold shelf…

Bistro chairs, marble table, sloped glass ceiling, totally envious!

Where do i begin? Everything is perfect, and that yellow coffee machine is calling my name!

And finally what’s not to love in this outfit? Major crush…

On a side note…My weekend was greeted with great news on a personal level, news that gave me hope. And then it ended yesterday with a slap back to reality . My heart is so heavy i wasn’t going to post anything today. But then i remembered something someone once told me; when something brings you down, don’t wallow in your sadness, it will only make you sadder and it won’t change a thing. Get up, face the world and keep doing what you usually do, be strong, and the people who care about you will always be there. I’m trying my best….

Have a lovely rest of the week, xo…




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2 responses to “Monday inspiration

  1. Mette :)

    Yes Rym, it’s the only way…forward !
    Take a deep breath, focus, and keep on living šŸ™‚ This too shall pass…it will get better…
    Good vibes and warm thoughts
    Take care

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