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It’s friday!

Yayyy for the weekend and free time!!!!

No more of this for a couple of days…

Take a mini trip somewhere, forget  your everyday life and discover something new…

Indulge as much as you can in the season’s fruits…

Spread some joy in you and around you…

Forget time for a while and just go with the flow…

And don’t forget to capture all of your memories!!!

Have a wonderful weekend sweets,xo…




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Possessions 5

As you must have guessed, can’t live without my coffee machine! Espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, anything with caffeine!

My kids know not to talk to me before my first cup, my husband respects my morning ritual (which is, leave her alone with her coffee!), i don’t know if it’s psychological or something else, but there you have it, total coffee addict! If i have to run out the house without having my cup, my whole day is ruined, yep, totally!

What’s your addiction?

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On my mind….

Ever since i first spotted theses writings on canvas i’ve been meaning to try my hand on some DIY! Mine would be filled with positive quotes…What about you, if you wanted to try your hand on something like this, what would you write? A song, poem,….?


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Yes i know, i have a thing for wedding cakes! What can i say, i’m a sucker for romance! I can’t resist a wedding cake….

As pretty as this one…

Or as fabulous as this one! Piece of art in my opinion…

*images, pinterest

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Monday inspiration

Good morning! Today is a national holiday here in Quebec, so we are taking it easy, fixing some stuff at home, hanging some frames…I hope you had a nice weekend, mine was filled with a circus show (first time i see the cirque de soleil), and wow was i impressed! Watched the soccer game between italy and england (yes i’m a fan only when italy plays!) and we won yayyy!!

Onto this week’s inspiration shall we?

Love those chairs, the rug, such an exotic feel…

Chinoiserie bedspread, leopard, modern paintings, geometrical rug…so eclectic!

Glossy pink backsplash!

Check out this malachite table, wow!!

Mix and match tablescape, chevron and suzani…What could be better?

And for the neon lovers….

Have a great week! xo…





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Sunday quote

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It’s officially summer season, and the weekend weather is looking great! So…

Try having some of these

Seems like a yummy idea!

And basically do this

Have a good one lovelies! xo…



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