Happy colors

I realized long time ago that when you have children, you worry all the time. As older as they become, the worries grow bigger, they have problems, you have problems, they are sad, you are sad….And we are always looking for a way to make things better for them. Hence i never feel absolutely happy unless all four of them are happy (which doesn’t happen in sync very often!!), so you get the picture! I am so attached to their moods that it affects my mood as well, which is normal i guess for all mothers! I decided that today is going to be a happy day, the sun is shining for a change, and crossing my fingers that across the ocean the four of them are having a happy day too…

Happiness in pictures

Pink flamingoes…Happy!

That’s one happy room..

Flowers always make me happy!

Hot pink heels, enough to make any girl happy!

Ice cream, mmmm…Happiness in a cone..

What makes you happy?

* images,roomtogrow,mixandchic


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One response to “Happy colors

  1. I believe that showing the good example to our kids must be the way, hence be happy for everything, show your happiness, and the kids will learn and follow. I also believe that life brings the good and the bad, that we need to get hurt sometimes to become better people, and this is how we grow…and thank you for the lovely post! Happy leelou that miss you too much…

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