Monday inspiration

Wish i was doing this all weekend…

But no, none of that…(sad face)..But it’s not raining at least! Beautiful weather Montreal, hope it continues for a while…So this weekend was just walking around the city, enjoying the festivities and looking at beautiful cars

That was in little Italy, pretty awesome huh?

After all the colors i saw this weekend, my mind needs a little rest, so how about some restful and relaxing whites?

I want to lie inside this tub and never leave…

Interesting headboard…

Love the idea of shelving in the dining room, and this just looks perfect..

What about a white Smeg for a change?

The black and white combo is never old…

Hmmmmm….What do you think?

Have a lovely week everyone, xo…




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One response to “Monday inspiration

  1. Always love lots of white! Thank you so much for your very kind comments about closing my blog – I’m pretty sad about it! It’s been a bumpy year though and I just need to be a little more ‘inward’. I’ll be checking on your blog every now and then so keep up the beautiful work! Rachael xxx

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