Possession 3

Two weeks ago i posted here that i was going to share with you my possessions or actually the things i cherish and love or i can’t live without in my home, so that way too, you get a glimpse at who i am and what kind of person you are dealing with!

I had to wear glasses since the age of 14, at 18 i began wearing lenses and now (ahem) at 41, i can’t wear lenses anymore, no moisture in my eyes, kaput! Done, finished! So, back to wearing glasses…I always lose them, i can’t see them so i never find them !!! I keep a pair in the car and a pair with me at all times. But the newest thing is, i seem to be unable to read up close without glasses now!!! What the heck! As my mother would say, c’est l’age! It’s the age…Yeah well, aging kinda, you know what!…So there you go, almost blind on all fronts!

Until next week my friends and another possession, xo…


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