Monday inspiration

Good morning! Today is a national holiday here in Quebec, so we are taking it easy, fixing some stuff at home, hanging some frames…I hope you had a nice weekend, mine was filled with a circus show (first time i see the cirque de soleil), and wow was i impressed! Watched the soccer game between italy and england (yes i’m a fan only when italy plays!) and we won yayyy!!

Onto this week’s inspiration shall we?

Love those chairs, the rug, such an exotic feel…

Chinoiserie bedspread, leopard, modern paintings, geometrical rug…so eclectic!

Glossy pink backsplash!

Check out this malachite table, wow!!

Mix and match tablescape, chevron and suzani…What could be better?

And for the neon lovers….

Have a great week! xo…






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2 responses to “Monday inspiration

  1. Love thepink backsplash and the huge elephant picture! Cool!
    Cirque du soleil is an impressive performance!

  2. Gosh I loved those shoes, although I would never dare to wear them! The pink backsplash was so cool!

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