Hello Friday!!

Hello everyone, the week is over!!! Began working with the husband this week, (we didn’t kill each other yet, so we’ll see how it goes!), broke my glasses  in two perfectly symmetrical pieces, so now i have to wait till i get another pair made, and managed to get some weight! Hell of a week i tell you!

So hopefully this weekend will be all about relaxing, detoxing, and just doing absolutely nothing! How about you?

Ahhhh to be able to do that….

Or this, in Brazil…

Or better yet, just sit here and do absolutely nothing! (Bahamas, i will get there one day i tell you!)

What do these pictures tell you? I miss the seaaaa !!!(remember i come from the mediterranean). People tell me Montreal is an island, but there is no beach!!

And for the romantics like me, i leave you with this beauty..

Moon Bridge, Taiwan…How aptly named don’t you think?

That’s all for today, have a great one!, xo….



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