Monday inspiration

Hello my friends! Hope you had a relaxing weekend ! I finally got the chance to get to a pool, sit in the sun and do nothing, heaven! Then yesterday my husband and i spent the day painting a part of the house, that was a first for me, doing it myself, i woke up today with sore muscles and ache and pains everywhere! That shows you how much in shape i am!!! Here is a peek..

I love dark walls, they are so dramatic and are a perfect background for a gallery wall..That will come next..

And now for our inspiration this week

Absolutely love those slip covers, what a great idea, you could have basic plastic chairs underneath and voila what a transformation!

Pure loveliness..sigh..

Love the art in the kitchen!

A perfect desk corner for a young lady..

Tying the ribbons downwards onto the legs is so fresh and different! Love it..

And lastly, i don’t know where that is, but so inspirational, love what they did with stairs..

Have a lovely week, xo…



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One response to “Monday inspiration

  1. that bathroom is gorgeous! love the wallpaper in it! and goodluck on painting – try taking some aleve to help your muscles out a bit 🙂

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