Possession 8


My two wedding rings…Where to begin? My most valuable jewelry, not in cost but in meaning. I would die if any of them would go lost! They are the memories, the joy, the anticipation, the excitement…and the unforgettable look on my husband’s face! He was so stressed, he was sweating!

Do you agree with those feelings or is your ring somewhere at the back of a drawer? I know a lot of people who feel they don’t need to wear their ring, that it is what they feel in their heart that is important…What do you think?



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2 responses to “Possession 8

  1. I never wear mine (one got even lost), which is maybe why i don’t like wearing them on a daily basis! But i feel married in my heart and that is what counts, no?
    But wear the gorgeous rings! They are beautiful!

  2. My husband & I wear are rings always. He takes his off to golf and puts it back on afterwards. I take mine off to paint or bake but always put them back on. They are a symbol of our love and commitment to one another. And it shows others that you are married and not available!!

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