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Are you ready for fall?

Are you ready for the coziness of a warm sweater?

For closed shoes

The warmness of a throw..

Hot drinks?

I am sure many of you are not ready to let go of the summer rays and the heat, while others are already preparinf for fall! Whatever you are doing , enjoy this last summer weekend and have fun!



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Flu is in the house! Got up today feeling as lousy as you can imagine!


And that’s exactly what i’m going to do..

Leaving you with some beautiful photos of amazing places, for the ones consumed with wanderlust …




*all images pinterest



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Monday inspiration

And how is everybody today? Last monday of August, can you believe that?

Hope you had a good weekend wherever you are, i did, enjoying a perfect summer day of 31 degrees! But not to be repetitive of course, today is as gloomy as they come!

I did hang some pictures around my tv, here is a peek


These are some pictures of places we have been to and are special to us, the wall isn’t done though, still have place for more!

Let’s have a look at our inspiration this week


Love those tiles…


What about this crazy gorgeous wallpaper?


Fell for these black and white poufs!



Love love this chandelier…*sigh


Another inspiration for my wall…


What wouldn’t i give to be there right now!!!

have a lovely week, xo…


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Sunday quote

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Here we are again!


Yes it’s the weekend, yayy!! We have many festivals going on this weekend, and one of them is a must see, Festival du Film du Monde or World film festival, where you can watch movies from around the world in an open air setting..Add to that a great weather forecast, it’s going to be a promising weekend!


Try and unwind, have a bubble bath, pamper yourself…


Enjoy nature, go for walks ,breathe deeply the clean and unpolluted air..


And don’t forget to enjoy each moment, it will never be the same..

Have a great weekend! xo…


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Today began as a very normal day, i had my tea, was doing laundry when i hear the doorbell. It was our neighbor which we had met the night before in the hallway, and congratulated him for his new baby. And of course my husband couldn’t hold his tongue and said, “oh you know my wife has 4 kids, so anything you need, she could be of help”, to which i added that yes if ever they anything just come over and ask.

So the neighbor came today with a job offer…His wife was going back to work soon and they needed someone to take care of the baby (since we know you are home and not working, and you have 4 kids)..Well to say i was shocked is putting it mildly, i was beyond shocked; they don’t even know me and they were willing to trust me with their child (forget that i’m way over taking care of babies, i’ve had my share thank you very much!)…Life never ceases to amaze me!

And if you want to know , i declined the offer very politely but thanked him never the less  for thinking of me.

Well that’s a job offer i wasn’t expecting!!



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Fall weddings

Most couples set the date for their wedding in summer; outside party, beach weddings, garden weddings, greenery and flowers surrounding you, a warm summer breeze blowing into the canopy….But what about fall weddings? I found two ideas that would be great for fall



I don’t know about you, but these look totally dreamy and perfect for an inside wedding! What do you think?


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