Possession 10


I’m back again with my 10th possession this week, and it’s a small collection that i have begun with my little pewter turtle. Turtles are a big thing in my family, my parents own three now, and one they got when i was born, so she is around 42 years old! So i grew up with the notion that turtles bring good luck, i have had many kinds of turtle through the years, crystal, wood, brass, even  a little one in turquoise i used to wear on a bracelet!

So when i saw this pewter one i had to have it, and with that began my little pewter collection; the car i found in a little shop in Paris, the sailboat we found in a flea market here in Montreal and the plane was a gift…Each piece has a story, that’s the beauty of the whole collection, and hopefully it will grow with time!

Do you own a collection? And what kind, i would love to know!


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