Possession 11

Hello my dears, i’m so surprised i have reached already 11 possessions! We take everything we have for granted, but when it comes to actually think about what you’re really attached to, it’s a bit more difficult…Does this mean we are materialistic? I know that if i have to leave in case of fire (which i already did, but that’s another story), my passport is the first thing i grab (then money, jewelry, photos and so on hahaha), because it’s the only thing that identifies me i guess…


Does this mean it’s my most precious possession? What would be the first thing you grab in case of fire?



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2 responses to “Possession 11

  1. Auti

    I have just subscribed to your site yesterday so I am not sure what exactly the 11th possession means… but I do understand grabbing things because they identify who you are. Maybe this is from an insecurity in your identity in the world around us or maybe those things are whats important. Mine are not far from yours. In case of a fire I would grab my son (who hopefully at 15 can help himself out of the house), photos, purse, and my financial binder. I think truthfully we tend to think of the things that are dear to us and can’t be replaced and those things that cause us a severe pain in the ass to recover if we were to lose them. 🙂


    • Exactly, i agree with the pain in the ass part!! And of course our kids are the first thing we think off but i was talking about possessions, it’s a series i do, i share every week one possession that has special meaning to me, a way for readers to get to know me better in a way 🙂

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