Today began as a very normal day, i had my tea, was doing laundry when i hear the doorbell. It was our neighbor which we had met the night before in the hallway, and congratulated him for his new baby. And of course my husband couldn’t hold his tongue and said, “oh you know my wife has 4 kids, so anything you need, she could be of help”, to which i added that yes if ever they anything just come over and ask.

So the neighbor came today with a job offer…His wife was going back to work soon and they needed someone to take care of the baby (since we know you are home and not working, and you have 4 kids)..Well to say i was shocked is putting it mildly, i was beyond shocked; they don’t even know me and they were willing to trust me with their child (forget that i’m way over taking care of babies, i’ve had my share thank you very much!)…Life never ceases to amaze me!

And if you want to know , i declined the offer very politely but thanked him never the less  for thinking of me.

Well that’s a job offer i wasn’t expecting!!




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  1. Why not? Life is indeed full of surprises! And you are a gteat mom, so i understand why they asked you!!

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