Trend: Burgundy

Hello there cyber friends, hope you’re all back in the swing of things after the long weekend! The weather here is back to being gloomy and sunless (i admit, it’s like a yo-yo here! it’s like everyday is a different season!), which brings me to the fall trend of the year, BURGUNDY.


Yes, it’s back from the dead, in all it’s rich and warm glory! (i had a beautiful leather jacket this color…that i gave away…yes mom, you were right, as usual!)

I don’t know about you, but this color is sort of growing on me (i’m more of a gray, black person), it reminds me of the richness of jewels and clothes of medieval times…(i’m getting carried away here, bare with me).


Use it as accents in your wardrobe, as in shoes or bag…


Or go for a head to toe look….


Or just paint your nails this rich color (that’s my staple in winter!)


And if your love for this color goes beyond clothes, why not a rich velvet sofa?


Or add a touch of color with some chairs?

Will you be following this trend this fall?

Have a lovely Wednesday, xo…




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2 responses to “Trend: Burgundy

  1. H&M has a great pair of burgundy ankle pants I was a little in love with but since it’s H&M everything fit sort of wonky. I’m loving this trend though!

  2. I see some leelou influence here? 🙂
    Love the colour!

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