Life …

What is it about life that makes it so difficult sometimes, and so simple at other times..


The recipe seems simple enough right? But for many people it’s not. We get bumps in the road, obstacles to overcome, sadness to override…Where is the simplicity of just enjoying life?

Today i woke up with a heavy heart, missing my kids to the point of not being able to breathe…After talking to them i realized that they are doing what teenagers do best. Enjoying their life. Sure they miss me, but it’s not stopping them from finding pleasure and joy in their days, it’s not stopping them from looking forward to their future. But it’s stopping me. Not being with them is killing me to the point where there is no motivation whatsoever to advance in life and do something about it.

Sensing their happiness made me realize that i’m not doing them any favor by being this way, nor myself for that matter!

It’s high time for a change and a wave of positiveness to come my way. That’s the decision i’m taking today (and as my dear cousin would say, stand up , be grateful and smile, oh, and eat! Everything else will fall into place…)

So maybe the recipe is as simple as it seems….

Do you have a recipe for happiness? Please share, and have a wonderful weekend, xo…



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  1. You are making me cry….love you…and miss you…and i know it can be so hard sometimes…but as i say, breathe, smile, be grateful forvwhatvyou have now around you and show your kids that life is worth living, even if they are far away from owe it to yourself cara…
    Big hug from your cousin..

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