Monday inspiration

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Sorry about my depressing post on Friday, but you know what, this is life i guess, ups and downs! Had a fun weekend actually, went to an opening of a bath and tile store, and this is some of what i liked




Love these tiles , the design reminds me of tiles found in old Lebanese houses…


And what about this tub? Total crush!

Fall is sure under way, check out the foliage color on one of my walks in the old port


Beautiful isn’t it?

And now for this week’s inspiration


Tiles and paneling, gorgeous!


Love everything in this picture, the gilded mirror, the velvet settee, the rug, the wooden “table”…


Love how the photos follow the height of the stairs..


Totally digging the big monogram on the canvas, great idea!


And what about a stop the traffic red dress for a change?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup, have a lovely day!, xo…



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  1. I really like these tiles… nice pics as well! You should submit some to Canon’s Project Imaginat10n:

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