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A chocolat”y” Halloween!


How many of you love chocolate? Dark, smooth, glorious, melt in your mouth chocolate…

What do you think if trick or treating offered us adults these?





Yeah maybe in a chocolate fairy neighbourhood!

Happy Halloween everyone, don’t let the kids eat too much sugar, you will have them on a sugar high dancing around till morning!!



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Cow hide on my mind

I have been thinking of getting a cow hide or a zebra print for my house, every time i see one, i imagine it in a certain place, and redecorate around it (does this ever happen to you? me? all the time!).  I would like to layer it over a jute rug, layering is a great way of having different textures and colors in a room.



Even on its own, it gives a certain bohemian vibe to the space



Now the only thing to do is convincing the husband (not a great fan of animal prints that one!), perseverance is the key!

Do you like this style, or are you a more classic type with rugs?

On a more realistic note, i think it’s safe to say that almost everyone was glued to the TV yesterday watching the disaster hurricane Sandy left in its wake…My thoughts are with you, hope you are safe..



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Monday inspiration

Hello lovely world!I guess Mondays are tough on everyone, going back to work, back to school, after having the weekend to relax and do absolutely nothing huh?, But life is full of surprises, so you never know what might be coming your way! And how was your Halloween party?(if you did party that is)..

Last week was my birthday, yayyy!


Happy birthday to me! Wish i had this cake though…


Pretty….Was supposed to go to New York this weekend for my birthday, but Storm Sandy sort of changed our plans…I hope everyone stays safe and dry…

On to our inspiration this week


A black door always does it for me, and those autumn leaves around the scones are a great idea!


This is not normally my style, but you have to admit the patterns do work together, lovely!


I have had this room in my files for a while, such a sweet and simple girl’s room, love it..


Always had a thing for this chair, the Kilim doesn’t hurt either!


I’m afraid i’m boring you with all these fall pictures, but honestly i can’t get enough of the sheer beauty of the season! I have never seen something more beautiful in my life!


Finally, a fall outfit that caught my eye, leather, leopard, and sweat pants!

Hope you enjoyed this round up, have a great rest of the week,xo…


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Sunday quote

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October 28, 2012 · 3:18 pm


Good morning all! And how are you on this fine day?

Are you a cheese and wine lover like i am? Here is a chart i discovered that helps us choose the right wine for each cheese, so no more “i don’t know, any red will do”!




Helpful right?

And some humor on this friday!


Yep, it’s all about wine today! Have a lovely fall weekend, xo



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Possession 15

It has been a while since i posted a possession, forgive me ? Life and other things just got in the way. (im sure this happens to you too right?)

Today’s possession is something i cherish dearly, it’s a photograph taken by my brother in 1985 (yeah loooong time ago!), of me and my cousin in Denmark.


And here it is on my wall


This picture has followed me over the years from house to house, from country to country. It reminds me of youth, freedom, creativity, the thrill of the unknown…It means a lot to me because in it is my favorite person in the whole world, my cousin, my friend, my sister..And it is taken by my brother, a great photographer, at a time when nothing worried us, when days were just about fun fun fun!


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White pumpkins

Yesterday while at the grocery store, i noticed baskets full of pumpkins in all sizes, three little ones came home with me, i honestly didn’t know what to do with them, so i just put them by the window, to add some autumn color..


But then i began searching around and fell in love with the white ones






What do you do with your pumpkins, do you paint them, decorate them, carve them…?


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